Singapore Waterfront Mini Art


Size :  9.9cm x 8.1cm
Mini art is a wood framed magnet which can be mounted on any magnetic surface.



This miniature art piece is a window into the serene Singapore Waterfront, with the iconic Merlion and the historic Fullerton Hotel captured in exquisite watercolor detail. The Merlion, a symbol of Singapore’s rich history and vibrant future, overlooks tranquil waters, creating a harmonious blend of nature and urban elegance.

This mini art print, set within a tasteful frame, is perfect for adorning desks, shelves, or any small space that could use a touch of Singapore’s beauty. It’s an ideal keepsake for visitors to the city, a thoughtful gift for art lovers, or a proud addition to any Singaporean’s collection.

Own a piece of Singapore’s charm with this art print, and let it be a daily reminder of the calm and beauty that the waterfront brings to the city’s dynamic skyline.


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