Bugis Street, Singapore Mini Art


Size : Length 9.9cm x 8.1cm

Mini art is a wood framed magnet which can be mounted on any magnetic surface


This miniature art print of Bugis Street in Singapore is a charming portal to the vibrant heart of the city’s renowned shopping and cultural district. Encased in a classic dark wood frame, which enhances the historical feel of the piece, the artwork beautifully showcases the traditional shophouses and the lively atmosphere of Bugis Street, once famous for its bustling market life.

The detailed painting captures the unique architectural style of the shophouses, with their intricate facades and the flurry of street vendors and pedestrians. The subtle play of light and shadow in the artwork breathes life into the scene, inviting the viewer to explore the nooks and crannies of the street.

Despite its small size, the print is rich in storytelling, offering a glimpse into the daily hustle and bustle that defines the spirit of Singapore. It’s a perfect piece for those who hold a fondness for Singapore’s urban charm or for collectors who appreciate art that captures the essence of a city’s cultural heritage.

This miniature print is an excellent choice for those looking to bring a piece of Singapore’s history into their home. It can serve as a standalone piece or be part of a larger display of miniature art, and is an ideal gift for friends or loved ones who cherish the distinctive character and memories of Bugis Street. Add this delightful work to your collection and let it be a conversation piece that reflects the rich tapestry of Singapore’s street life.


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