Anderson Bridge Singapore Mini Art

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Size  Length 9.9cm x height 8.1cm

Mini art is a wood framed magnet which can be mounted on any magnetic surface.



This exquisite mini art print captures the Anderson Bridge, a significant landmark in Singapore’s history. The delicate watercolor paints the bridge in fine detail, highlighting its distinctive architecture and the quiet majesty it brings to the Singapore River. Bumboats gently drift by, a nod to the city’s rich maritime past.

Perfectly framed to draw the eye, this piece is a lovely nod to the blending of functionality and design in Singapore’s infrastructure. It’s a great collectible for those who appreciate the city’s engineering marvels, a special keepsake for visitors, or a thoughtful gift for locals who walk past this historic site in their daily lives.

A miniature artwork of Anderson Bridge can serve as a memento or keepsake, a tangible connection to the place that can be displayed and enjoyed in personal spaces, evoking memories of the location’s larger scale and significance. It encapsulates the grandeur of the site in a form that can be held in the palm of one’s hand, making it not just a piece of art, but also a personal treasure that represents a microcosm of Singapore’s history and beauty.

1 review for Anderson Bridge Singapore Mini Art

  1. James

    I love this mini size art prints. Its simply a good size for my office cubicle and desk display.
    Anderson Bridge and Ann Siang Hill are just a short walk away from my office. Great paintings.

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