About Us

eArtsingapore was started in 2005. We begin our venture by selling art prints of paintings by Singapore established watercolour artist Loy Chye Chuan, a self taught watercolourist whom has witnessed the growth and development of our country as a member of the pioneer generation. His unique painting style has captured various of the vanished scenery of old Singapore through his brushes and paints.

Along the journey, we produced merchandise such as postcards, art framed magnets, notebooks and bookmarks. These little merchandise are great mementos for anyone who would like to keep an artwork related to our Singapore heritage.

Why we sell art prints? Collection and buying original fine art paintings are expensive and may not be affordable to all. This prompted us to create art prints from the original paintings. We love the beautiful watercolour paintings by Mr Loy Chye Chuan of old Singapore which many of the scenery have since vanished. The pictures of the art prints were specially selected ranging from paintings that were painted in the 1960s till present. Most of the scene painted are Singapore River, Malay Village, Shop houses in Chinatown of Singapore.

Currently some of our merchandise can be found in The Gallery Store by ABBRY at National Gallery of Singapore.

Our products include framed art prints, mini framed art magnets, book marks of Singapore localities, handy notebooks of local scenery.

Check out our store here.