Framed Art Print: Malay Kampong


Malay Kampong A5 Framed Art Print

Frame Size: Length 20.3cm x Height 25.4cm

Wood Material: Teak Wood

This lightweight framed art print, featuring a beautiful Singaporean scenery, is a perfect souvenir and makes a thoughtful gift for the people you cherish. It is also suitable for corporate gifts, making it an ideal choice for colleagues and business associates


Malay Kampong (also known as villages) have been a familiar sight since the dawn of Singapore. Locals from different cultural backgrounds residing on the same plot of land, allowing them to bond and live harmoniously with one another. These traditional attap houses were built with high support columns to prevent coastal tides from flooding the house.

Reproduced from the watercolour painting dated 1970 of Singapore artist Loy Chye Chuan


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