Framed Art Print: Merlion Singapore


Merlion Singapore A5 Framed Art Print

Frame Size: Length 20.3cm x Height 25.4cm

Wood Material: Teak Wood

This lightweight framed art print, featuring a beautiful Singaporean scenery, is a perfect souvenir and makes a thoughtful gift for the people you cherish. It is also suitable for corporate gifts, making it an ideal choice for colleagues and business associates


This charming miniature art piece captures the iconic Merlion of Singapore, a historic symbol and one of the most recognized landmarks of the city. Framed elegantly in rich, dark wood that accentuates the fine details within, this artwork showcases the majestic Merlion statue with the Singapore skyline in the backdrop, a perfect marriage of myth and urban elegance.

The Merlion, with its head of a lion and the body of a fish, represents Singapore’s origins as a fishing village and its traditional name Singapura, meaning “lion city.” The detail in the watercolor brings this mythical creature to life, as it seems to gaze over the water, watching over the city with a protective eye.

Ideal for those who hold a special place in their heart for Singapore, this mini art is a wonderful way to keep the essence of the city close. It’s a perfect memento for locals, a treasured souvenir for visitors, or a thoughtful gift for art lovers and collectors. Place it on a bookshelf, desk, or hang it on the wall to bring a piece of Singapore’s spirit into any space.


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