Mohamed Sultan Road Mini Art


Size : Length 9.9cm x 8.1cm



Mohamed Sultan Road was given its official name in 1898. In the past, the street was lined up with shophouses, factories and warehouses. It has since transformed into a popular night spot with good mix of chic restaurants and pubs.

This exquisite miniature art print captures the essence of Mohammed Sultan Road, a testament to the cultural and architectural splendor of Singapore. Nestled in a classic dark wood frame, the artwork brings to life the timeless elegance of the row of shophouses that line this historic street.

With a palette that reflects the unique charm of this area, the watercolor painting invites onlookers to a visual stroll down Mohammed Sultan Road, known for its blend of traditional and modern establishments. The attention to detail within this piece is remarkable—from the intricate facade of the shophouses to the verdant greenery that adds a dash of tranquility to the urban landscape.

Perfect for aficionados of Singapore’s rich urban tapestry or collectors seeking a touch of the city’s grace, this mini art print is a conversation starter. It is an ideal keepsake for those who appreciate the harmonious blend of culture that Mohammed Sultan Road represents, making it a delightful addition to any art collection.

Bring a piece of Singapore’s heritage into your home or office with this charming representation of Mohammed Sultan Road and let it serve as a window to the city’s soul.


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