Club Street Singapore, Mini Art


Size : Length 9.9cm x Height 8.1cm

Mini art is a wood frame magnet which can be mounted on any magnetic surface


This delightful miniature art print of Club Street in Singapore, crafted by the renowned local artist Loy Chye Chuan, is a gem that encapsulates the distinctive atmosphere of one of the city’s most charming locales. The detailed watercolour showcases the intricate architecture and vibrant street scene, reflecting the area’s unique blend of historical significance and contemporary chic.

Presented in a dark wood frame that complements the artwork’s natural palette, this piece captures the essence of Club Street with its picturesque shophouses and the sense of quiet despite the urban setting. The fine brushstrokes and attention to detail evoke a sense of nostalgia, making this print not just a visual treat but a slice of Singapore’s urban heritage.

This miniature print is perfect for art enthusiasts, collectors of Singaporean scenes, or anyone wishing to own a piece of the city’s rich tapestry. It’s an invitation to a stroll down the memory lane of Club Street, making it a tasteful and sophisticated addition to any collection.

Whether as a standalone piece or as part of a gallery wall, this art print is sure to captivate and charm viewers, bringing a touch of Singapore’s elegance to homes, offices, or personal spaces. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this beautiful representation of Club Street by Loy Chye Chuan, a keepsake of Singapore’s diverse and historic urban landscape.



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