Back Lane Chinatown, Singapore


Size : Length 9.9cm x Height 8.1cm

Mini art is a wood frame magnet which can be mounted on any magnetic surface


This charming miniature art print captures the essence of a back lane in Singapore’s Chinatown with an intricate level of detail and artistry. Encased in an elegant dark wood frame, it presents a quaint and lively alley, alive with the echoes of everyday life and the rich history of one of Singapore’s most beloved neighborhoods.

The narrow perspective draws the eye down the lane, past the lines of traditional shophouses and the hints of daily activity—bicycles leaning against the wall, potted plants on the stoop, and the delicate laundry hanging above. The artwork is a portal to the past, bringing the viewer a step closer to the textures and rhythms of old Chinatown.

At a petite size, this print is perfect for those who appreciate art that tells a story without dominating the space. It’s an ideal addition to a collector’s shelf, a unique accent on a desk, or a thoughtful gift to a lover of Singapore’s urban landscapes. The rich colors and fine details make this print a treasure, evoking the nostalgia and charm of the city’s storied streets. 

Embrace the opportunity to own this slice of Singapore’s heritage and bring a touch of cultural elegance to your collection.


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