Civic District Singapore Mini Art


Size : Length 9.9cm x Height 8.1cm

Mini art is a wood framed magnet which can be mounted on any magnetic surface


This enchanting miniature watercolour art print by Loy Chye Chuan captures the serene beauty of Singapore’s Civic District with exquisite detail and subtlety. Framed tastefully in dark wood, the print highlights the district’s elegant blend of historical and modern architecture set amidst lush greenery.

The artwork showcases the iconic landmarks of the Civic District, reflecting the harmony between Singapore’s rich heritage and its progressive urban landscape. The delicate brushwork and choice of colors breathe life into the scene, with the green of the trees and the reds of the flowers in the foreground creating a vivid contrast to the soft sky and urban backdrop.

Perfect for those who appreciate fine art and the charm of Singapore’s cityscapes, this print by Chye Chuan would be a splendid addition to any home, office, or gallery. It’s not just a decoration; it’s a small window into the tranquil and picturesque heart of Singapore, celebrated by one of its own artists.

This art print makes a thoughtful gift for art lovers and a meaningful souvenir for visitors and locals alike. It serves as a daily reminder of the quiet elegance and storied past of the Civic District, one of Singapore’s most cherished urban spaces.


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