Merdeka Bridge Singapore Bookmark


Size : 60mm × 160mm


Delight in the historic allure of Singapore with this elegant bookmark, featuring a watercolour painting of the Merdeka Bridge as it stood in the past. This fine art piece, beautifully captured by the brush of a skilled artist, serves as more than just a placeholder for your reading adventures; it’s a piece of history in your hands.

The bookmark depicts the Merdeka Bridge, a vital link in Singapore’s infrastructure and a symbol of the nation’s march towards independence. With exquisite hues and delicate detailing, the painting portrays the bridge amid a bustling riverside, with traditional boats moored along the banks—a scene reminiscent of Singapore’s vibrant maritime past.

Crafted with the bibliophile and history enthusiast in mind, this bookmark is perfect for those who wish to keep a part of Singapore’s heritage close. It’s a thoughtful gift for friends or loved ones, or a treasured keepsake for anyone who cherishes the beauty of Singapore’s landscapes and landmarks.

Celebrate the legacy of the Merdeka Bridge and the artistry that brings its memory to life with this lovely and practical bookmark.


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