Chinatown Singapore Mini Art


Size : Length 9.9cm x 8.1 cm

Mini art is a wood framed magnet which can be mounted on any magnetic surface


This stunning miniature watercolour art print captures the essence of Chinatown in Singapore, as seen through the eyes of the esteemed local artist Loy Chye Chuan. This piece beautifully showcases the bustling energy and historic charm of one of Singapore’s most beloved areas.

In this print, Chye Chuan’s deft hand brings to life the intricate details of the traditional shophouses and the vibrant street life that characterizes Chinatown. From the fluttering laundry to the dynamic street vendors, each element is a testament to the area’s rich heritage and the artist’s skill.

The warm wood frame complements the earthy tones of the artwork, making it a perfect piece to display in any home or office, adding a touch of Singapore’s unique culture and history. This art print is ideal for lovers of fine art, collectors of Chye Chuan’s work, or anyone who appreciates the beauty and vitality of Singapore’s urban landscapes.

Despite its size, this miniature print is a window to a larger world, inviting viewers to step into the bustling streets of Chinatown any time they glance its way. It’s an opportunity to own a piece of Singapore’s art history and to bring the spirit of this iconic locale into your space.


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