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The Arts Community in Singapore

In the span of only 50 years, Singapore has grown from a conservative kampong town to a community of culturally expressive arts lovers.

The city’s thriving arts scene and growing acceptance of the arts as a viable education and career choice have seen the community grow exponentially in recent years, with the numbers of artists and educated audiences steadily rising.

What Singapore lacks in history (we are only 50 years young, after all), is made up for with enthusiasm for pushing arts to the forefront of society. The country’s collection of world class arts events, exhibitions and galleries have added to its reputation as a flourishing regional and international arts hub. With this branding firmly in place, Singapore commonly draws affluent collectors to the country and its many exhibitions.

Local painters are benefiting from the shift in landscape and wider appreciation for the arts, and are now seeing a higher demand for their work from international art collectors and investors. Once unheralded artists and artworks are now being exhibited at local galleries and sold at the premium valuations they deserve.