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What is Art?

“Art is either a plagiarist or a revolutionary.”

Paul Gauguin, (1848–1903), Peruvian-born French Artist

Imitation or creation, self-expression or autobiography? Art is a kaleidoscope of everything it means to be human. It is a form of communication, a transmission of the feeling through a burst of colour and movement, or the stillness of sculpture. Art is imagination, a journey into environments and worlds previously unseen. Or a stroll into the familiar.

Art is studied, its vaunted professionals credited with fine brush strokes and other artistic skills. Yet art is inspiration, and inspiration cannot be studied. Art is born of ideas, yet thoughts alone cannot be considered as art. They must be transferred from the artist, to the recipient – in the form of physical pieces such as paintings and sculptures, or through other visual and auditory ques.

Though the concept of art is broad, the commonly appreciated form of art is in its visual form. This includes drawings, paintings and sculptures that are appreciated for their beauty, brilliance and emotive appeal.

Art is simply, an artist’s ideas brought to life – to be seen, felt and cherished by an appreciative audience.