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The Value of Art as a Collectors’ Item

While it is true that an artist’s skill, technique and ability to capture the essence of his subject are crucial elements in creating a masterful work of art, history has shown that art collectors purchase art for personal reasons (that may not be associated with the artist’s skill with the brush).

For this reason, art is often appraised according to the perceived value art collectors put on a particular work of art, rather than the technicalities of the artwork itself.

What then, is the defining characteristic that differentiates a $50 art piece, from a $10,000 one? Often, it is the story behind the art. This could mean the biography of the artist, and how this one painting was influenced by a particularly powerful time in his life. Or it can be the history, memories and stories that are captured by a snapshot of a historical location, influential person or time in history. It is the art that emotes, that is special.

The true value of art lies not in its physical beauty, but its ability to inspire significance, feelings and meaning that’s beyond skin deep. That is what art collectors appreciate, and the gauge of an art piece’s value as a collectors’ item.

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