Notebook of Singapore Waterfront with Merlion fronting Fullerton Hotel



Singapore Waterfront with Merlion fronting Fullerton Hotel

Size  :  11 x 16cm

Internal : 60 pages of 90gsm off white paper / second page vellum paper with a short description of location

Finishing :    Thread Sewn






This elegant notebook, adorned with a watercolor depiction of the iconic Singapore Waterfront, provides more than just a canvas for your notes—it offers a touch of inspiration drawn from the city’s vibrant heart. The cover art captures the Merlion statue proudly fronting the majestic Fullerton Hotel, symbolic sentinels of the city’s rich heritage and dynamic progress.

Perfect for capturing your thoughts, travel stories, or daily reflections, this notebook is a lovely companion for anyone who holds a fondness for Singapore’s picturesque landscapes. It’s a portable memento of the city’s fusion of natural beauty with architectural grace, ideal for writers, artists, or any creative mind that cherishes the fusion of history and modernity.

Whether it’s to be given as a thoughtful gift to a traveling friend or kept for personal use, this notebook is sure to inspire. Let the spirit of the Singapore Waterfront guide your musings, plans, and sketches.


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