Notebook of Smith Street at Chinatown Singapore

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Smith Street, Chinatown on a raining afternoon

Size :  11 x 16 cm

Internal : 60 pages off white paper / second page in vellum paper with a short description of the location

Binding : Thread Sewn

The notebook featured the watercolour painting on the cover by local established artist Loy Chye Chuan


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This exquisite notebook, graced with a watercolor scene of a rainy day in Chinatown, Singapore, encapsulates the moody elegance of the city’s beloved historic district. The cover art masterfully conveys the rain-slicked streets of Smith Street, where vibrant life and rich tradition pulse beneath a canopy of umbrellas.

Inside, the pages await your stories, thoughts, and sketches, making it an ideal companion for those who are stirred by the atmospheric charm of Singapore’s rainy days. Whether you’re documenting your travels, penning daily reflections, or simply seeking inspiration, this notebook is a portal to the heart of Chinatown’s bustling alleys and spirited community.

It’s a perfect gift for lovers of Singapore, aficionados of urban art, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of a cityscape transformed by rain. Carry a piece of Chinatown’s essence with you, and let the rhythm of the rain on the cobblestones inspire your every word.

1 review for Notebook of Smith Street at Chinatown Singapore

  1. Jackie

    I like the rainy feel. How did you do that?

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