Harmony art print



Size :  210 x 148mm  (A5 Size)

Printed on 300gsm matt paper.

The artist illustrated a harmonious living between the brood of hens and a rooster.

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Bring a touch of rustic charm and serenity to your space with this delightful art print, titled “Harmony”. The scene captures a brood of hens and a rooster, a timeless embodiment of the countryside’s simple pleasures and the natural rhythm of life.

Rendered with exquisite detail, each feather and blade of grass is brought to life through careful artistry. The rich textures and earthy tones of the hens contrast beautifully with the rough, dry ground and the lush green foliage that forms a tranquil backdrop.

This piece is more than just a print; it’s a slice of pastoral harmony, offering a sense of calm and contentment to any viewer. It is a perfect addition to any home or office seeking a warm, bucolic touch to their decor, or for those who cherish the beauty of farm life and nature’s quiet moments.

Printed on premium paper, the artwork carries a sense of the original’s depth and quality. It would make a charming gift for poultry enthusiasts, art lovers, or anyone who appreciates the peaceful essence of country living.

Invite this little haven of tranquility into your collection and let it remind you of life’s simple, unspoken beauty every day.


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