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Art Exhibitions

Individual art exhibitions and displays are held at boutique galleries around the island every month. Keeping up with these exhibitions keep arts lovers happily occupied, and ensure a stream of buzzing chatter amongst the arts community, both on and offline.

If you have a more casual appreciation of the visual arts and prefer to look for “always there” exhibitions in and around the city – you’ll be delighted to know that rotating arts displays and public events are held at several national landmarks. Take a stroll around these venues (listed below) and challenge your imagination.

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore aims to solidify Singapore’s identity as a regional hub for visual arts. At an impressive 64,000 square metres, the gallery is one of the largest visual arts venues in the region.

National Gallery Singapore also organises activities the public can take part in and enjoy. These include artist workshops, doodling lessons, film screenings, children’s workshops and more.

National Gallery Singapore will display a comprehensive collection of modern art from Singapore, Asia and the world.


The Esplanade is a brilliant showcase of Singapore’s dedication to the arts. 365 days a year, the arts live in every corner of the Esplanade, beginning from the walk toward its underground entrance – a 100 metre long tunnel transformed into a rotating visual arts experience that throughout the year, scrolls through a myriad of themes, cultures and art types, including paintings, crafts, words and film.

Inside the Esplanade, the concourse is home to music, craft and sculpture.

Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) keeps the arts at the forefront of people’s minds with engaging activities all year round, including: