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Art Prints – How the Market Views

The economy of art prints operates according to the same principles of demand and supply as any other industry. Except that in the world of art, supply of selected pieces can be very limited – and when demand far outstrips supply – the value of a particular print will go as high as the largest bidder is willing to pay for it. In such cases, the sky’s the limit.

As an example, one impression of Rembrandt’s Three Crosses sold for over US$1.5 million in 2011. The etching is one of Rembrandt’s most famous artworks, and is highly prized among collectors – only 80 prints were ever made.

For this reason, limited edition prints will always hold their value well, even increasing in value as time goes on. In addition to being limited in quantity, limited edition prints come with either the artist’s hand signed signature or a certificate of authenticity. This though, does not make open edition prints inferior. On the contrary, affordable open edition prints allow the rest of us to own art that we love, take them home and appreciate these works in our everyday lives.

Art prints appeal to collectors as they cost far less than a painting, yet retain the details and aesthetic qualities of the original painting.

What are Limited Edition Art Prints

In traditional printmaking, prints of original artwork would be limited due to the natural degradation of printing plates. While it was possible to produce up to 1,000 prints per plate, limiting this to 100 prints ensured the quality and consistency that art collectors desire.

In today’s world of modern print technology, degradation of plates is no longer a concern. Instead, artists’ prints are limited to retain their financial value as unique creations. With limited edition art prints, the publisher and artist decide in advance how many prints will be produced. This number can range anywhere from 2 to 1,000, with most pieces limited to 100 pieces or less – ensuring their value and desirability among collectors.

Limited edition art pieces may be hand signed and numbered by the artist, or include a Certificate of Authenticity. These are a statement of authenticity, and can increase the value of an art piece substantially.

What are Open Edition Art Prints

Open edition art prints are not limited to any number of prints or runs, and may be created in the thousands (or more). Such prints are commonly found in retail outlets and internet conglomerate sites, and are an affordable option for most art lovers.

As open edition art prints are easy to find on the market, they are commonly purchased by buyers who want the work of art as a decorative piece – and are not interested in any potential investment value.

These works are printed on either paper or canvas, depending on the manufacturer’s intent and the art piece’s selling price.

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