Singapore River art print


Singapore River, 1961

Size :  210 x 148mm  (A5 Size)

Printed on 300gsm matt paper.

A view from Singapore River in watercolour by Loy Chye Chuan.

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Step back in time with this evocative watercolour print by the renowned Singaporean artist Loy Chye Chuan, depicting the bustling Singapore River as it was in 1961. This piece beautifully portrays a slice of Singaporean history, capturing the essence of the river when it was the lifeline of commerce and daily life.

The artwork is a feast for the eyes, with his detailed brushwork bringing to life the historic architecture along the riverbanks and the flurry of activity with traditional bumboats. It’s a window to a bygone era, where these vessels were integral to the heartbeat of trade, the architecture spoke of colonial influence, and the river thrummed with industrious spirit.

This print is a celebration of Singapore’s heritage, making it an invaluable addition to any art lover’s collection, especially those who hold a deep appreciation for Singapore’s rich past. It’s not only a piece of art; it’s a narrative woven in watercolour, a story of a country’s dynamic journey through time.

This print is reproduced on high-quality paper that ensures the longevity of Chuan’s delicate play of colours and the preservation of his artistic vision. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to own a piece of Singapore’s legacy or for those looking to bring a historical touch to their home or office. Add this timeless depiction of the Singapore River to your collection and let it be a conversation piece that speaks of history, culture, and the timeless charm of watercolour art.


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