Smith Street in the rain


Chinatown, Singapore

Size :  210 x 148mm  (A5 Size)

Printed on 300gsm matt paper.

A scene of Smith Street in the rain in watercolour by Loy Chye Chuan.

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Bring a piece of Singapore’s rainy splendor into your space with this exquisite art print capturing a drizzly day at the historic Smith Street in Chinatown. The watercolor effect beautifully conveys the softness of the rain, as pedestrians with their colorful umbrellas meander through the wet streets, showcasing the city’s vibrant, bustling energy even under grey skies.

The traditional shophouses, with their distinctive architecture, are rendered with delicate brush strokes, reflecting the quaint charm and cultural richness of old Chinatown. This print is perfect for those who cherish the romance of rain-soaked cities and the nostalgic allure of Singapore’s heritage sites. It would be an elegant addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift for admirers of urban landscapes and Asian culture.


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