Framed Art Print of Harmony, a Brood of Happy Chickens


Harmony, a Brood of Happy Chicken

Size :  32 x 26cm

The artist illustrated a harmonious living between the brood of hens and a rooster.

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Enhance your space with the pastoral serenity of “Harmony,” a captivating framed art print by Loy Chye Chuan. This artwork beautifully illustrates the tranquil coexistence of a brood of hens and a rooster, evoking a sense of peace and simplicity that is often sought but rarely found in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The natural setting is depicted with a rich realism, the earthy tones and textures of the hens and their surroundings are brought to life through Chye Chuan’s skillful brushwork. The print, set in a dark, elegant frame, emphasizes the rustic charm and idyllic beauty captured within this moment.

“Harmony” is more than an art piece; it is a reflection of the simple, unspoken accord found in nature. It serves as a daily reminder of the gentle balance and beauty that exists in the world, making it a perfect addition to any room that could use a touch of tranquility.

This framed print is ideal for those who appreciate the countryside’s calm and for collectors of Chye Chuan’s work, offering a moment of stillness and the warm essence of rural life. Whether for your home, as a thoughtful gift, or an addition to an office, this piece promises to bring a sense of peace and a connection to the simpler aspects of life.


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