Singapore River art print

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Singapore River

Size :  210 x 148mm  (A5 Size)

Printed on 300gsm matt paper.

A view from Singapore River in watercolour by Loy Chye Chuan.

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The watercolour painting presents a nostalgic view of the Singapore River as it appeared in 1983, a vivid tapestry of the city’s historical and economic lifeblood at the time. In the foreground, the traditional bumboat, iconic to the river, floats idly on the calm water, its rich wooden hues and curved hull contrasting with the river’s silvery sheen. A solitary figure in a smaller boat is at work, indicative of the daily life and industrious spirit that thrived along the river’s banks.

Behind this scene of quiet activity, the riverfront is lined with a mix of old shophouses and mid-rise buildings, their facades detailed with the wear and texture that tell of their age and stories. Above them, emerging in the backdrop, the modern skyline of the city looms, with high-rise buildings standing as silent sentinels to the rapid urban development. These structures are depicted in muted tones, perhaps signifying the creeping progress that would soon transform the riverfront entirely.

Branches laden with leaves arc gracefully into the composition from the upper left, framing the scene and adding a natural element that contrasts with the urban environment. They serve as a reminder of the city’s tropical setting and the intertwining of nature and human habitation.

This painting captures a moment in time, a snapshot of transition where traditional and contemporary lifestyles coexist. The watercolour medium lends a softness to the scene, with washes of color that blend harmoniously, shadows that give depth, and highlights that suggest the glistening play of light on water and the hard surfaces of the city. It is a memory, rendered in paint, of a river that has witnessed and supported the growth of a nation.

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  1. Jessie

    beautiful watercolour capturing the evening view of Singapore River.

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