Ann Siang Hill Singapore



Size : 650 X 470mm



Ann Siang Hill is a small rise located in the Chinatown area of Singapore, a district rich with history and cultural significance. This quaint enclave is named after Chia Ann Siang, a wealthy businessman in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The hill and its surrounding streets are synonymous with picture-postcard charm, characterized by well-preserved shophouses and a tapestry of heritage buildings, reflecting Singapore’s colonial and Peranakan past.

This captivating art print presents a vivid portrayal of Ann Siang Hill, a quaint enclave in Singapore known for its blend of historical significance and contemporary chic. The watercolor artwork showcases a charming shophouse with its weathered facade, which tells a story of the city’s evolution through time. 

Ideal for collectors who appreciate Singapore’s historical architecture or for those looking to bring a touch of Singapore’s vibrant heritage into their home, this print is a meaningful acquisition. It would sit beautifully in a living room, office, or as part of a gallery wall, serving as a conversation starter and a reminder of the timeless beauty found in the details of the past.


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